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Dussehra 2022 : 10 health evils to destroy

We hope that the nine days of Navratri have brought cheer, hope, and brightness to everyone’s life. With Dussehra being a symbol of the win of good over evil, it’s time that we did the same with our lifestyle habits. 
In our rushed lives of work and fun weekends, we usually miss out on taking care of our health. While 2 hours a day in the gym is a luxury only a few can afford, we vow to make these 10 simple lifestyle changes in Dussehra 2022 for a healthier future. 

Not moving enough

Yes we know, everyone says it, go exercise! But we have a simple solution, than focusing on working out for a week and slumping for the next three, promise yourself to get some form of activity for a short duration – 30/40 minutes a day BUT consistently! This will build your momentum and also prevent burnout. After all, as they say, consistency is key!

Skipping meals

“Oh, I forgot to have lunch, I was busy working.” If this is a phrase you find yourself frequently saying, it’s time to get your food timetable set up. Skipping meals leads to overeating, lower metabolism, and sluggishness. While skipping them once in a while won’t do much harm if it is a regular thing, you must take the necessary steps to get it in control. 

Not sleeping enough 

Who doesn’t like sleeping? Getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep is optimal but our around the clock schedule barely permits it. The hours you had to sleep v/s the hours you slept, this difference adds up in a sleep debt over time and can be harmful to your health. A good night’s rest regulates your hormone levels, and brain function helps in digestion and aids in the maintenance of weight. 

Taking too much stress

While some stress is a part of everyone’s life, taking too much stress or not dealing with it appropriately can cause health complications in the long term. Stress is also a root cause of blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. So, from Dussehra 2022, we are making a resolution to meditate regularly and resolve our stress. How are you going to cope with it?

Eating unhealthy amounts of processed foods

A bag of chips or that packet of cake is definitely a delicious snack but when consumed regularly can cause health issues. The ultra-processed food is packed with extra salt, sugar, and flavors that make us overeat, consuming greater amounts of calories with little nutritional value. So keep a check on your meals and limit these to once a week. 

Not having a thriving social life

Loneliness or lesser interaction with people can cause depression, poor health, and disturbed mental wellness. As meditation is crucial for a calmer mind, so is a thriving social life that keeps you connected, grounded, and happier. People with a good social life are known to live longer and have fewer health issues. Guess, it’s time to finally meet those friends right?  

Alcohol and substance abuse in excessive amounts

Excessive smoking and partaking in substance abuse is a one-way road to cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, gastric ulcers, and making yourself prone to various cancers. While an occasional drink shouldn’t be a cause of worry, limiting all of these can be a huge game changer on your journey to good health.

A poor posture

As working from home comes with a lot of perks and comfort, it also comes with a tendency to sit in one place constantly in a bad position. Sitting without proper support and for a longer duration is a recipe for physical injuries and increased weight. It is thus important to get up, walk around and stretch yourself every hour, and practice yoga for a healthy posture. 

Not drinking enough H20

With healthy food, water is an equally important side that most of us miss out on. If drinking plain water deters you from it, consider adding some natural flavors like mint or fruits to make it more appetizing. You can also get yourself a bottle that counts how much water you drink and keep you aligned to your need of 3 liters. 

Using too much social media 

Scrolling endlessly is something we all have done at some point in time. While moderate amounts of social media usage are alright it is really easy to get addicted. Excessive social media has been linked to poor mental health which in turn affects your physical health as well. We are all too deep in social media to get rid of it completely, so from this Dussehra let’s aim to put a check on the time we spend on it.

We hope that Dussehra 2022 brings you a lot of good health and with these steps, you eliminate those wellness woes and lead a very bright future.

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