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When to go out for a walk : Before or After your meal?

A survey conducted by us showed that more than 50% of the people believe that the best time to go out for a walk is after a meal. To believe that ‘walking immediately after a meal is better because it helps burn calories’ sounds logical, doesn’t it? However, coming to that conclusion without actually understanding the science of our body may not be a wise decision. Let’s end this debate once and for all! When should you take a walk in the evening- before or after dinner?

Implications of walking after dinner

1. During digestion, the maximum amount of blood supply is directed towards the stomach and intestines

2. Any physical activity during this time, even as vigorous as a brisk walk, diverts the blood circulation resulting into an insufficient blood flow towards the core area

3. This leads to complications like acid reflex, indigestion and upset stomach

Implications of walking before dinner

1. Walking or any form of workout before meal decreases the amount of sugar and fat that accumulates in the blood after eating

2. The consumed food is used by the body to restore its energy, reducing the chances of food getting converted into fat

3. In conclusion, walking before dinner amplifies your body’s metabolism leading to a better burn up of calories after digestion

So isn’t the answer to “When is the best time to walk?” clear? Walking before dinner is much more beneficial than walking after dinner! However, if you must walk after dinner, make sure to keep a gap of minimum 45 minutes between your meal and walking.

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