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2024 bank holiday list : corporate long holiday planner

Corporate Holiday Planner : Long Weekend list 2024

2024 Long Weekend Preview: As we bid farewell to 2022 and eagerly await the arrival of 2024, it’s time to turn our attention to the upcoming year’s long weekends. To help you craft the perfect corporate leave schedule and make the most of your time off, we’re offering a comprehensive overview of the long weekends in 2024. Just as 2023 provided ample opportunities for extended breaks, with March, April, and August offering more than 5-6 days off, we’ve prepared a list of corporate holidays and bank holidays for travelers looking to plan their getaways during these periods. Join us as we explore the exciting long weekends in 2024 and optimize your corporate holiday planner for the year ahead!

2024 Bank holiday list to plan the perfect long weekends


1st JanuaryMondayNew Year’s Day
15th JanuaryMondayMakar Sankranti
26th JanuaryFridayRepublic Day
Public Holidays for January 2024

Long weekend planner for January 2024

You can get 3 days long weekends by taking leaves on 1st January/15th January/26th January


14th FebruaryWednesdayBasant Panchami
19th FebruaryMondayShivaji Jayanti
Public Holidays for February 2024

If you have a holiday on Shivaji Jayanti, a planned holiday on Friday could give you a 4 day long weekend in February 2024


11th MarchMondayMaha Shivratri
25th MarchMondayHoli
29th MarchFridayGood Friday/Easter
Public Holidays for March 2024

Long weekend planner for March 2024

March is a good month for you – You can take leaves on Fridays and/or Mondays to make it a 4-5 days weekend.

Or you could just apply for leaves on 26th, 27th and 28th of March to get a block of 9 continuous holidays 😈


11th AprilMondayId-ul-Fitr
25th AprilMondayRam Navmi
29th AprilFridayMahavir Jayanti
Public Holidays for April 2024

Long weekend planner for April 2024

Depending your corporate’s holiday policies, you again get opportunity to create three 3 day long holiday blocks in the month of April.


23rd MayThursdayBuddha Purnima
Public Holidays for May 2024

Long weekend planner for May 2024

You can take a leave on 24th of May to create a four day holiday block in the month of May


17th JuneMondayEid al-Adha
Public Holidays for June 2024

Long weekend planner for June 2024

You can take up a planned leave on 17th of June to to create a 3 day holiday block in June.


17th JulyWednesdayEid al-Adha
Public Holidays for July 2024

Long weekend planner for July 2024

Sadly, no block of holidays in the month of July.


15th AugustThursdayIndependence Day
17th AugustSaturdayRaksha Bandhan
24th AugustFridayJanmashthami
Public Holidays for August 2024

Long weekend planner for August 2024

You can apply for a planned leave on 16th of August and create a 4 day holiday block for Rakhi.

You can also take a leave on 27th August to create another 4 day holiday block in August 2024.


5th SeptemberThursdayOnam & Ganesh Chaturthi
16th SeptemberSaturdayEid Milad Un Nabi
Public Holidays for September 2024

Long weekend planner for September 2024


5th OctoberWednesdayGandhi Jayanti
12th OctoberSaturdayDussehra
31st OctoberThursdayDiwali
Public Holidays for October 2024

Long weekend planner for October 2024


15th NovemberFridayGuru Nanak Jayanti
Public Holidays for November 2024

Long weekend planner for November 2024

A single leave could give you a minimum of 4 days leave block in November.

Would you like to take a leave on 14th November or 18th November?


25th SeptemberWednesdayChristmas
Public Holidays for December 2024

Long weekend planner for December 2024

While a single holiday won’t create a block of leaves for December 2024, you can always look at taking more leaves if your corporate policy gives you the benefit!

Be sure to save this page and share it with your coworkers to stay updated on the long weekends in 2024, allowing you to plan well-deserved getaways.

Please keep in mind that this is a general list, and holiday dates may differ by state. It’s advisable to verify the dates with your company’s HR department.

Our aim is to provide you with the information you need to identify those precious long weekends, helping you maintain a healthy work-life balance in your corporate life.

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