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Maternity Coverage in Group Health Insurance

Maternity Cover in Health Insurance

What exactly is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity cover in health insurance refers to a type of coverage that provides financial assistance for medical expenses related to pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal care for the mother and child. This type of insurance can help cover the cost of prenatal check-ups, delivery charges, hospital stays, and other related medical expenses. Some insurance policies also cover the cost of childbirth and delivery at home or in a nursing home, as well as the cost of pre and post-natal care.

Maternity cover in health insurance usually comprises the following medical expenses:

  • Pre and post-hospitalization costs
  • Pre and post-natal costs
  • Delivery costs (routine as well as C-section)
  • Charges for ambulances
  • Charges for hospitalization (including room rent)
  • For up to 90 days, cover the newborn infant.
  • Pregnancy termination that is medically necessary
  • Expenses for infertility treatment
  • Complications associated with pregnancy
  • Consultation with a doctor and an anesthetist

Why should you get Maternity Health Insurance?

Purchasing maternity health insurance will provide you peace of mind about the financial implications of delivering. When purchased as an add-on to your existing health insurance plan, this coverage is inexpensive and offers enough financial range for hospitalization and delivery fees. Here are a few reasons why maternity insurance should be considered:

Financial Coverage: In some regions of India, the cost of delivery and childbirth can range from ₹50,000 to 1 lakh. The cost might be proportionate to the quality of healthcare services available at the time. Purchasing pregnancy insurance may imply that the new mother and her kid will have access to better healthcare facilities. As a result, insurance is quite essential.

Surgical Deliveries Are Expensive: When the natural process of childbirth becomes too difficult for both the mother and the infant, a surgical or cesarean delivery is performed. In this case, medical intervention is essential, and the baby is delivered by major abdominal surgery. A cesarean section can also be chosen at will. A cesarean section is significantly more expensive than a regular delivery. These expenses may be covered by medical insurance with maternity coverage.

Sense of Security: Once the financial burden is lessened with a maternity insurance, expectant parents can concentrate on savoring this significant life event. A clear mind is best for planning things like the baby’s name, the nursery design, the baby shower, and so much more.

Maternity Health Insurance Eligibility Criteria:

When it comes to purchasing maternity insurance, the qualifying conditions are not comprehensive. Insurance companies may merely need that the insured be of a specific age in order to get the benefit. The entry age is 18 years old, with some insurers setting the exit age at 45 years old.

Some insurance companies have a limit of two live children for the number of maternity claims. This implies that a woman can only get maternity benefits for two delivery. In the event of a loss, there may be exceptions.

What is covered by the group medical insurance policy’s maternity benefits?

  • The coverage includes both natural and C-section births. The expense of a C-section birth is higher owing to the requirement for hospitalization and surgery, it should be noted.
  • The costs of things like doctor visits, surgeries, and lodging are covered.
  • Up to 60 days prior to and up to 90 days following hospitalization are reportedly covered by maternity insurance. Actual invoices from a variety of categories may be claimed. Consequently, it is known as maternity and new baby cover.
  • All immunization expenses are paid after birth.


Are maternity benefits covered under group health insurance?

Yes, you can customise your group health insurance plan to give the covered members maternity benefits.

Can I get maternity insurance if I am currently pregnant?

In individual health insurance, pregnancy is typically considered a pre-existing illness by insurance providers, so if you are already pregnant you will not be eligible for coverage.
With our highly customisable group health insurance plans, you will get the maternity benefits of your insurance even if you are already expecting.

What is the minimum waiting period for maternity insurance?

With Healthysure’s group health insurance plans, there is zero waiting period before you can claim your maternity benefits, so you do not have to worry about looking for a minimum waiting period in your health insurance.

What is the maternity insurance minimum sum assured?

Various insurance providers have different minimum sums assured. Materntiy coverage may also vary depending on whether you have a C-section. You have the freedom to customise your corporate plan according to your needs.

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