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Employee Morale & How To Boost It

The very definition of a good workplace is changing with the changing times. And with work from home and the hybrid mode being the new normal, company morale is becoming increasingly important. Research has found that the number of employees who left their organizations during the pandemic was at an all-time high. One of the leading reasons for this is the lack of a sense of belonging or satisfaction. Another leading cause behind this is the sudden lack of a work-life balance. Many employees had noticed that while working from home, they were working well beyond the hours they would have worked, had they been in the office. 

The lack of satisfaction among the employees can be an indicator of low employee morale. Luckily there are ways in which any company can boost its employee morale. But before any of that, let’s have a look at what exactly employee morale is. Plainly explained, employee morale is how an employee feels about his/her organization. Not only does this include how they feel about the work they are doing, but it also includes their attitude towards work, their job satisfaction levels, and how engaged they are with the organization’s growth. 

Here are some ways to boost employee morale:

Work-Life Balance For The Win

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of the work-from-home phase, many employees found themselves working longer hours at home than they would have in the office. This resulted in many of them feeling burnt out very quickly into the first lockdown.

Companies that have good work-life balance programs in place have better employee retention rates. The steps for this need not be very drastic. It can be something as simple as no work e-mails after the 7 PM rule. But this small rule will get you and your company huge wins when it comes to employee morale.

Be There On The Front Lines

The “Door’s always open” technique might have worked for the previous generations. But that minimalistic approach just isn’t going to cut it in today’s work culture. In order for the employees to feel more like a part of the organization, the management must get involved with their employees.

That means showing up more on the front lines and getting to know their employees better. Listening to them, their needs, and their aspirations for personal and professional growth is a key part of this step. 

Build Trust

One of the most important things in managing any organization is trust between the employees and the management. It has been evident that a majority of the employees wish to be a part of a work environment that is transparent with them.
This means being open with your employees about the decisions that involve them and their roles in the company. Having an open line of communication between the management and the employees will also help the employees feel more a part of the organization’s goals and successes.

Employee Centric Initiatives

The needs of today’s corporate employees are different as they can be from the pre-COVID era employees. This means that the initiatives taken by the companies also need to be different in a way that they can be centered around the new wave of employees.
Initiatives that help employees with their overall wellness are very popular at the moment. That is more than just their physical wellness. It also includes their mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. So taking initiative and organizing seminars and workshops around those will always help.

Small Gestures For The Big Wins

The saying “Less is more” has not lost all its meaning just yet. In fact, when it comes to organizations and employee morale, this saying is probably one of the founding stones to success. A simple pat on the back, a gesture of acknowledgment or appreciation are some things that go a long way.

Not only do they show the employee that their efforts are acknowledged, but it also shows the other employees that there will be rewards for good work. This acts as the perfect encouragement for the employee and for the team. 

In Conclusion

There are many ways that an organization can boost its employee morale. And when it comes down to it, every manager must figure out the best ways for them and their employees. But this is a good starting point for any organization. 

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