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Increase Employee Engagement in easy 5 steps

5 Ways To Increase Employee Engagement:

A set of good, hard-working employees is the backbone of any business. A company’s success or failure hugely depends on how the employees feel when doing their jobs. And while good management is essential, maintaining good company morale is perhaps slightly more important. One of the reasons behind this is as simple as the numbers – the number of managers in any company is far less than the number of employees. 

Employee engagement goes beyond knowing if someone likes what they do or not. Employee engagement is also measuring how invested someone is in the company’s growth. Research has shown that employees who are more invested in their company’s success, are more likely to go the extra mile. Employee engagement might just take your team’s productivity from 80% to a strong 90%. 

And with changing times, and companies struggling to retain employees, employee engagement is more important now than ever. If you are looking for ways in which you can increase your employee engagement, here are a few tips that can help;

  1. Listening and Acting
    What this really means is that you listen to and act on your employee’s feedback. Listening to and understanding your employees’ feedback is one of the most important parts of your role as a manager. Employees who feel heard in the workplace have a more positive attitude towards their work. And that is something that has a huge effect on the company and the employee’s goals.

    The second part of this tip is acting on their feedback. If an employee comes to you with ideas about a better working system, keep an open mind. The employees are the ones who actually work the system set out by the management. So there are high chances that their feedback might make the workplace.
  1. The Management-Employee Relationship
    In any company/industry, it is important that the employees feel seen. One of the most effective ways of doing that is by maintaining a good relationship with the employees. As a manager, simply asking them how they are doing or how their weekend went, can do the trick.

    Employees perform better when they have a good relationship with their direct superior. This improves their productivity, attitude, and overall employee engagement.
  1. Opportunities to Lead
    At the end of the day, every employee wants to grow in their career. If the company does not provide them with those growth opportunities, they might start looking for them elsewhere. Giving your employees the chance to lead is a show of faith. One that your employees will appreciate.

    Doing this may not give you the outcomes you had hoped for, but it will increase the team morale. This will push them to give their absolute best in the future. So in the long run, this will be a fruitful decision.
  1. Encouraging Teamwork
    A group coming together and working towards a common goal can be highly motivational. This is the reason why we are so drawn to team sports. Achieving the common goals that the team sets makes the employees feel like they are a part of something big. And that is a proven motivation for employees to do their best in the future.

    So push your employees to be a part of a team, and motivate them to take part in team activities, work and otherwise. It will make for a great growth opportunity for the company and for the employee.
  1. Recognition
    As a manager, a “Good Job” or a pat on the back might not seem like a big deal, but it can be for the employees. It goes a huge way in making them feel appreciated and that is the key to a company’s success. Because when the employees feel appreciated, they are motivated to do better on the next project.

In conclusion, 

Employees are the ultimate pillars of any company. And the more engaged they are with the company, the better the company and their personal results. So at the end of the day, you have to figure out the employee engagement ideas that work well with your employees and implement them. 

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