Do’s and Don’ts for your vaccination

Injecting COVID 19 vaccine on an arm

According to a recent survey, 84% of people in India are in favor of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. However, many of them still have lingering fears and doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccine. A recent study claimed that Covishield and Covaxin, both made-in-India vaccines, have proven to be effective against the “double mutant” variant […]

Why is Group Health Insurance Better than Individual Health Insurance ?

Why is group health insurance better than individual health insurance?

In what ways is group health insurance 10 times superior to individual insurance? What are the benefits of Group Health Insurance? A group of people who work for the same company are covered by a group health insurance plan. Additionally, a group health insurance plan may also include coverage for an employee’s spouse, children, and […]

Need of a separate health insurance while travelling overseas?

Travelling overseas? Get yourself an international health insurance

With late-night flights, converting time zones, changes in weather and cuisines, the probabilities of falling unwell whilst journeying are pretty high. There additionally stays a risk of being injured. And even if any international trip requires you to be vaccinated with precise illnesses beforehand, you can not rule out falling significantly unwell for your travels […]

Why parental health insurance is a must buy

Buying insurance for parents

We all strive to take care of our parents but the best gift we can give them in their golden years is a ‘Health Insurance’. Purchasing medical insurance for parents guarantees that they receive the optimal treatment in the time of need, without added financial burden. With ailments increasing at a higher age and dependence […]

A New Meaning of WFH: Wellness From Home

Employee meditating beside a laptop

Most of us while focusing on working from home often forget about the other WFH – Wellness From Home, which is more important to have a healthy life. Going to an actual office forced us to maintain a schedule. To have clear timings for eating, sleeping and working. Though working from home is definitely a […]

What is Group Term Life Insurance?

Employees covered under one umbrella : Group Insurance

As per the reports by Society for Human Resource Management, about 80% of companies offer company-paid group life insurance as a benefit. Group Term Life insurance is a type of term insurance which covers a group of people under a single master life insurance policy. It provides financial security to the beneficiaries of the group […]