5 Ways to stop binge eating after the festival season

5 Ways To Bounce Back After A Festive Eating Binge

One of the favourite times of the year for every Indian has already begun. Yes, we are talking about the festive season. With it, the festival season brings loads of memories, laughter, happiness, and unimaginable amounts of food! If you have come back home after a night of Diwali festivities feeling too stuffed to move, you’re not alone. We all have complained about this every year at least once during the festival season. 

Binge festive eating is a very real, very serious problem that everyone around the world faces. But if you are thinking, “Surely, there must be some ways to deal with the aftermath of binge eating”. And you’d be right to think that. Binge eating doesn’t only happen during the festive season though. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. It can be a result of stress, anxiety, or a number of other factors. 

However, for now, we are focusing on festive binge eating and all the ways you can bounce back to your healthy eating after. 

Top 5 ways to bounce back from festive binge eating:

Water, Water & Water

Just like with any other diet-related issues, water is the key here as well. The week after the festive eating binge, make sure that you are consuming as much water as you can. This will make you feel less bloated while you bounce back. Along with that, this will also help your digestive system work its magic more efficiently.

On a side note; regardless of an eating binge or not, try to consume as much water as you can, it is always helpful.

Move Around

Physical exercise is always beneficial, but it is especially good after a festive eating binge. It helps your digestive system work better, it makes you feel fitter, and most of all, it helps control and breaks down the blood sugar levels that may have gone up. All in all, staying physically active sounds like a good game plan to deal with the aftermath of festive binge eating. This physical activity does not have to be an intense workout session. It can be something as light as walking or jogging.

Fruits and Veggies

Though it goes without saying, what you eat after an eating binge is perhaps more important than the binge itself. With that in mind, try and consume more healthy food options in the days after your festive food binges. Try reaching for fruits and veggies instead of fast food, or any other meal that would sit too heavy in your stomach. This will balance out your nutrition intake with the binge food and it will make you feel better in the days after the binge. You should also make it a point to eat something every couple of hours. This helps because you are more likely to overeat if you wait to eat something till you are starving. Eating something every few hours will stop you from overeating in the days after your festive eating binge.

Bed Time

Another piece of advice that a lot of dieticians give to their patients around the world is to get enough sleep. A regulated 8 hours of sleep is the most recommended for adults. Research has shown that people tend to crave more unhealthy food when they are tired. So going to bed at a reasonable hour will help you not crave high-fat food before you sleep.

Watch Your Food

All the tips so far have been about what you can do after an eating binge. But this is more of a precautionary tip. Now that we know that this is something that we have to look out for during the festive season, one way to deal with all of the food is by getting ahead of the issue. When you are at a Diwali party or a gathering this year, you can always watch what you are eating and how much of it are you eating.


There are many more ways in which you can deal with the aftermath of festive binge eating. But these are the 5 most effective ways with which you can handle the days after your binge eating during this Diwali season.

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