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All About Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga: What you need to know

A very beneficial kind of yoga is prenatal. Equilibration between the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions is what yoga aims to achieve. Prenatal yoga focuses on safe practices and poses in all stages of pregnancy to help you relax your body and get ready for childbirth.

Why Prenatal Yoga Is Beneficial

There are moments when being pregnant may make you feel like an alien has taken over your body. As your body performs its remarkable tasks, all the things you thought you understood about yourself are false. You may experience a sense of disconnection from your sense of self when change is beyond your control.

Every time you step onto the yoga mat, your body is claimed to be different. You strive to accept that change is a given. This is doubly true during pregnancy. Yoga enables you to embrace your body’s journey and reconnect with it.

  • Reduces anxiety and depression symptoms and stress. Intentional activity together with controlled breathing helps lessen the effects of depression. Slow, regular breathing stimulates the neurological system and inhibits cortisol, which has been related to depression when present in excessive concentrations.
  • Enhances blood flow Yoga’s stretches and poses help your heart get more blood. More oxygen-rich blood is delivered to your kid thanks to improved blood flow. This helps to ensure that your baby develops healthily.
  • Enhances your work experience. Beginning prenatal yoga throughout any trimester might help you relax more easily and maintain your positive attitude throughout childbirth. It has been demonstrated that breathing techniques and meditation can lessen labor-related pain and anxiety. Having more self-assurance and improving your coping skills will also make labor less difficult for you.

Considerations for Safety

Although there hasn’t been much research on yoga during pregnancy, it is widely believed to be safe and advantageous for the majority of expecting moms and their unborn children.

Consult your medical provider before beginning yoga if your pregnancy is deemed high-risk or you are experiencing other issues. You will need to modify your yoga practice as your baby develops, even if you have no particular worries.

Throughout your pregnancy, your body creates a hormone called relaxin to help make room for your developing baby and get ready for birth. It’s conceivable that relaxin makes you feel more flexible than usual, but be careful not to overextend yourself because doing so might destabilize your joints and ligaments.

Postures for Prenatal Yoga

There are several popular pregnant yoga positions that you may try even if they might not all be comfortable for you. Try the following positions two to three times a week if it feels nice.

According to Einhorn, you should hold comfortable positions for 30 seconds to a minute during the first and second trimesters and fewer than 30 seconds, or around five deep breaths, during the third trimester.

If you have any concerns about performing any pregnant yoga postures, consult your doctor, who advises ladies.

1. Modified Parsva Balasana (Bird Dog) 

According to Einhorn, this exercise serves to develop the abdominals and glutes while assisting with hip and shoulder stability.

How to perform it: Get into a table posture on your hands and knees on the mat. Lift the opposite arm and leg simultaneously. On the other side, repeat.

Modifications: Raise just the arm or leg, or support yourself against the wall.

2. Child’s Pose

According to Ladies, this reduces the pressure the belly puts on the spine and relieves lower back and pelvic discomfort.

How to perform it: Spread your hips apart and bring your toes together while you kneel on the mat. Lean back a little, lay your head down, and extend your fingers in front of you.

Keep your knees farther apart when bending down, especially as your tummy expands. For added support, you may also place a cushion under your head.


Prenatal yoga can help you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy and get ready for birth. Throughout your pregnancy, you are able to practice prenatal yoga, and you should try to do so two to three times a week. Before attempting any pregnant yoga positions, see your doctor. Avoid pushing yourself and rest for a while if a posture makes you feel uneasy.

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