What are the best exercises?

Pilates, Yoga, or Cardio?

It is no secret that, with time, obesity is on an ever-increasing path. And while that remains factual no matter the country, it is also true that the younger generation is getting more into fitness and overall wellness. The youth’s inclination towards staying fit and in shape is higher than ever. And with this interest, have come various methods of losing weight, gaining muscles, and staying healthy. Apart from the various diet trends that are emerging, there are also a lot of workout regimes and methods that are proving to be of great effect. Not only that but there are also various forms of physical exercise that one can select from to achieve their goals. And depending on your goals are, you can select one or a cocktail of exercise forms. 

How to select a workout regime?

Three of the most sought after physical exercises are Pilates, Yoga and Cardio. And the question that arises at this point is – which of them is the better way to loose weight? Each of these forms have their individual merits. At the end of the day, all these methods are effective. That being said, it is important to consider a few things when making this decision. 

  1. The number one factor being your goals, both short term and long term.
  2. The second thing to consider is the way your body reacts to these workout forms.
  3. And lastly, you also have to factor in your schedule so that you can stay consistent at your workout plan. 

Yoga, Cardio, or Pilates?


This is a question that we have been toying with since the beginning of the article. And as mentioned earlier, each have their own set of pros. Yoga, for instance, is a very deeply rooted practice. We all know that it originated in India, but what you might not know is that there are different types of Yoga. There is of course the traditional Yoga and then there is a Western adaptation of Yoga. Yoga is a practice where one manages his or her health with a combination of breath, movement and meditation. It is also Traditional Yoga that works in its way to combine the mind, the body and the spirit. And that is why traditional Yoga is a mixture of breath control, meditation and movement. Western Yoga, however, is more focused on the movement. 

Yoga is also considered as a healthy exercise for the mental health. Usually associated with the feeling of calm and peace, many have also seen great improvement in their emotional and mental health after giving Yoga a chance. When it comes to burning calories, Yoga can and does burn calories. But with Yoga, the results can be seen in the long run. It is not that instantaneous. Yoga also provides for some amazing flexibility. And in fact, Yoga is also helpful to people who do cardio or any other sort of physical activity because of this reason.


Cardio, unlike Yoga is not a slow process. While Cardio may not provide with the flexibility that Yoga does, it does give faster results. Cardio is generally associated with better or an increased metabolism, which in turn helps you stay in shape. Within Cardio too, running is considered to be the best form. It burns more calories than any other form of Cardio. Running can burn upto 10 to 17 caloroies every minute, depending on your body structure. 


Pilates originated from German. A German anatomist names Joseph Pilates, invented the form of exercise, which is now known as traditional form of Pilates. Pilates has a particular focus on the core. It also aims on the improvement of flexibility, strength and posture. Traditional Pilates gives more favours to the mat classes and is considered to be the truest form of Pilates. But for those who are more focused on fitness, you should look into classes that have resistance-based reform machines. 

Much like Yoga, Pilates too has been associated with mental peace, flexibility and weight loss. Pilates, also helps you focus on your mental health and emotional well being along with physical health. And just like Yoga, Pilates also helps in developing endurance and control over your body and mind. 

In Conclusion

Though all three of them differ from each other on various levels and aspects, they also share a few similarities. All three of them help with weight loss, the only factor that stands as a differentiator here is the time it takes to see the results. Which is why it is important to keep all the aspects – goals (shirt term and long term), your body’s reaction and your schedule – in mind before selecting the path that is right for you. 

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