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Diwali 2022 : Games and activities for your workplace!

Diwali 2022 is here and with it, we have the most exciting celebration of the year! The brightly lit houses with diyas, lanterns, and sweets distributed around are all a part of the hearty shimmering celebration. We surely enjoy all the rituals with our family but Diwali can also be a binding glue for employees. 

Yeah, dressing up in ethnic attire and clicking pictures is a tried and tested method but how to make the workplace a Diwali celebration, your colleagues would look forward to? Read on to know! 

Light it up with some games this Diwali!

Who doesn’t love some fun and games? With a variety of games to choose from, right from Musical Chairs to Pictionary and Dumb charades to Tambola. A group game where you club multiple employees together can break the ice and lead to a more friendly environment.

In addition to this, you can also keep some special rewards for the winners motivating people to participate. Make sure to keep more than a few games so that it involves everyone and give each one of them a chance to show their talent.

It’s time to get creative this Diwali!

Diwali is synonymous with decorations and beautifying everything, from your desk to your door, so why not turn this into a fun activity? Get the employees in teams and have them decorate either diyas or make some fun lanterns. To make it a little more challenging, a rangoli competition can surely color the workplace in shades of fun.

These items can be used to decorate the office giving everyone a sense of achievement and togetherness.

It’s time for the Diwali Awards! 

We all know that recognising employee efforts in the right way, can surely motivate them to reach higher heights. Diwali is the perfect time to make someone feel like a shining star! A fun awards night highlighting the best employees as well as including some fun silly awards is surely the way to kick start Diwali. 

Diwali Health Drive!

Make this festival special by truly caring for your employees by arranging a health drive. It can be an eyes/dental check-up, a vaccine drive, or a yoga retreat, especially in times of hybrid work system and work-from-home scenarios this can be a useful way to give back to all the hardworking employees.

Health Benefits you could gift your employees this Diwali:

  • Full body health checkups
  • Dental checkups
  • Access to mental wellness sessions
  • Gym memberships
  • Health insurance

This Diwali, gift your employees the best with Healthysure. 
Customizable and affordable corporate plans starting at ₹49

If you haven’t already, make this Diwali even more giving by getting insurance for all your employees. This will be a safety net for all of them which will boost their morale to work efficiently without worrying about the future. Why is group insurance better? Read all about it here.

Gifting this Diwali Season!

With all the glitter and jazz, the crux of the festival lies in bringing light in someone’s life and it’s the right time to pamper employees and make them feel extra special. Here are a few gifting ideas to be inspired by:

One can never go wrong with Diwali sweets!

A personalized hamper is a sure-shot way to light up anyone’s face. Some Diwali sweets, chocolates, or even fruit boxes are one of the most popular in corporate gifting for a reason. Add your company branding and include a personalized note or a message to make it even more special.

These are useful Diwali gifts!

For some gifting goes hand in hand with utility and if you belong to this category then a home utility appliance is your way to go. Be it a kitchen appliance or a steamer, these tools are a must in every household making the gift universal. One can even give options to their employees to choose from a certain set of appliances so as to make it more employee-focused.

You can even add digital devices to this list, from a new set of earphones to a fitness watch, these are surely a treat for your tech-savvy employee.

For brand lovers!

If you want to go that extra mile and really pamper employees for all the hard work they do then you can opt for some branded or luxury products. A nice perfume or a premium watch will always be a memorable gift. A brand collaboration will make this easier as you can also customize the gifts with names and even your company logo. 

The last resort!

If you still can’t choose and you are very late in planning the gifts, then we are here to save you! A simple gift card for an e-commerce website or a widespread brand is the safest choice. This not only allows the employees a chance to choose their own gift but also reduces your hassle by miles.

Now that you’ve got all the points covered, it’s time to get started on the work to make Diwali 2022 really special. 

Oh but When is Diwali 2022?

Laxmi Pooja, or Diwali is on October 24, Monday. If only you corporates gave a Diwali vacation like your school.

Day 1DhanterasOctober 23, Sunday
Day 2Chhoti Diwali / Narak ChaturdashiOctober 24, Monday
Day 3Lakshmi Puja / DiwaliOctober 25, Tuesday
Day 4Govardhan PoojaOctober 26, Wednesday
Day 5Bhai DoojOctober 27, Thursday
Diwali 2022 Timeline

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