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Soni Pandey
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Had an excellent experience with claim manager Akash Giri and his team for my reimbursement claim. They were very cooperative and helpful throughout the process.
Ranjana Singh
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Healthysure provided fast and efficient claim services. Akash Giri and his team were great in handling my maternity mediclaim reimbursement.
Abhinav Rawat
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Seamless claim settlement and supportive staff, especially Azhar Shaikh. Took their service twice and had a great experience both times.
Shivani Lad
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Positive experience with Akash Giri and his team for reimbursement claim. Healthysure offered fast and reliable services.
Mohan Chinnakotla
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Impressed with Healthysure's quick services and Mr. Azhar Shaik's assistance for my maternity mediclaim reimbursement.
Preeti Chhabra
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Healthysure ensured a smooth claim settlement for my newborn. Azhar and his team were patient and supportive in answering all our questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as per an April 1, 2020 circular issued by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), it is mandatory for employees to provide health insurance to their employees.

With Healthysure, you can get health insurance coverage for as low as 2 members.

The benefits of group medical insurance for employees include:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: Group health insurance plans often provide extensive coverage, including pre-existing conditions, critical illnesses, and maternity care, ensuring that employees and their dependents are well-protected.

  2. Lower premiums: Group insurance plans generally come at lower premium rates compared to individual policies, making them more cost-effective for both employers and employees.

  3. No waiting periods: Many group health insurance plans waive off waiting periods for pre-existing conditions, allowing employees to access coverage for certain treatments from day one.

  4. Cashless treatment: Group insurance plans typically offer cashless treatments at network hospitals, reducing the financial burden on employees during medical emergencies.

  5. Inclusive coverage: Employees can often include their family members, such as spouses, dependent children, and parents, under the group policy, extending the benefits to their loved ones.

  6. Employee retention and satisfaction: Offering group health insurance can help employers attract and retain top talent, as employees value companies that provide comprehensive health benefits and wellness programs.

  7. Improved productivity: Employees with access to quality healthcare are more likely to maintain good health, leading to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism in the workplace.

Overall, group medical insurance offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers, promoting a healthier work environment and fostering a strong sense of security and well-being among the workforce.

Group medical insurance offers numerous benefits for employers, including increased employee satisfaction, tax advantages, and enhanced productivity. Providing health coverage fosters a supportive work environment, helping attract and retain top talent. Employers can also enjoy certain tax savings, as premium contributions are typically tax-deductible. Additionally, healthier employees result in reduced absenteeism and increased efficiency, contributing to the overall success of the company.

Group health insurance policies are designed to provide healthcare coverage to a group of individuals, usually employees of a company. The employer selects a policy from an insurance provider, which then offers coverage to eligible employees and, in some cases, their dependents. Group insurance premiums are more affordable compared to an Individual policy with similar benefits. The policy outlines the benefits and coverage limits, and claim settlements are made directly between the insurance provider and the healthcare provider. Group health insurance offers cost-effective coverage, simplified administration, and access to quality healthcare for employees.

Group health insurance policy costs depend on factors such as the number of employees, sum insured, and selected benefits. To find the most suitable plan for your team, reach out to the Healthysure team for personalized quotes. Our experts will consider your company’s unique needs and guide you towards the ideal group health insurance plan, ensuring comprehensive coverage and cost-effective solutions for your organization.

Yes, small businesses can definitely take advantage of employee medical insurance. Healthysure is dedicated to making insurance more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. With a minimum group size of just two, Healthysure enables even the smallest businesses to provide their employees with comprehensive health coverage. Contact our team today to learn more about our tailor-made solutions for your small business’s group health insurance needs.

While health check-ups are not mandatory to purchase group health insurance, Healthysure offers the option to include them in your plan. Employers can purchase health check-up plans as add-ons, providing a more comprehensive employee benefits package. These added benefits can include routine examinations, diagnostic tests, and preventive screenings, fostering a healthier workforce, and demonstrating your company’s commitment to employee wellbeing. Reach out to Healthysure for tailored solutions that cater to your organization’s unique needs.

A waiting period in group health insurance refers to the time an employee must wait before their coverage begins. Group Health Insurance provides your employees with a zero waiting period meaning employees enjoy immediate coverage upon enrollment in the plan.

Yes, you have an option to cover pre-existing diseases with group insurance.

Yes, GHI or Group Health Insurance is very frequently referred to as corporate insurance because it covers groups of employers employees. It is also know as group mediclaim or employee insurance 

Yes, the insurance company pays the medical bill (upto the sum insured) of the members of the group as long as the claim falls under the covered benefits.

Yes, you sure can. Our team will help you in the process so your renewal journey is seamless.

Have more question regarding your existing policy or the the plan that works for your team? Let our group health insurance experts help you!

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